When it comes to the business of marketing, Integral has the uncanny ability to see the future and the expert insight to tell you why it matters. We work with companies of virtually every category and size, providing tailored marketing strategies, tools and back-of-the-office support to help our clients gain immediate measurable results. Our recommendations are always objective and driven solely by our clients’ best interests. We provide consulting services to companies at every stage of their marketing program.


This way we help them determine the best platforms to partner with and then how best to leverage such investments in order to deliver credible Return on Investment. Naturally, we also provide measurement services to track the impact of marketing activities. We work with rights holders to develop, manage and market rights across the entire spectrum of platforms: content owners, broadcasters, digital platforms, sports, charities, entertainment, the arts, conferences and facilities.


Activation Services

We have the latitude to offer clients either segmented services or an integrated activation suite of services. Read more

Sponsorship Consulting

Our corporate consulting practice assists brands of every size, in various industry sectors, to choose the best partnership platforms to meet their objectives. Read more

Rights Owners Engagement

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